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Aerial view of the original Frog Pond Farm

The Original Frog Pond Farm, 1985 - 2002

About Frog Pond Farm

Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, Frog Pond Farm is a family-owned and operated farm providing unique experiences for the whole family. Founded in 1985 by Mike and Beth Timm when their son Justin was three and their daughter Courtney was one, it started out as a family farm with just a single llama.

Mike was an airline pilot and Beth was a retail store owner with stores throughout the Oregon area when Beth was introduced to alpaca fiber. Her stores started carrying alpaca sweaters at the Oregon Coast, though there were no alpaca in the country yet. Soon after she was introduced to llamas (cousins of the alpaca). Wanting to add a non-meat animal that was safe to have around young kids to the family, they decided a llama was just the answer and adopted their first llama, Carlos. Originally located on Boeckman Road in the heart of the “Frog Pond” area next to Frog Pond Church, Frog Pond Grange, and Frog Pond Lane, it only seemed natural to name the farm Frog Pond Farm, especially since there was a large pond in the back yard that housed plenty of frogs! That one llama grew to a herd and they quickly became one of the largest and, now, one of the longest standing llama breeders in the state. 

Even though it was exclusively a llama farm for years, they eventually moved to the current location on Advance Road in 2008 where the number of acres and animals began to grew. 

In 2008, Frog Pond Farm officially opened to the public, first offering Christmas trees that were mainly sold to friends and family on a small scale, with the first year selling approximately 130 trees. That, too, grew with around 2,000 trees sold and 3,000 family visits during the holiday season each year. 

In 2018, with Beth having passed and Mike retired, their son Justin took over full-time.  Having raised and worked with the farm’s llamas since he was three, it was an easy transition; It was what Justin knew and what he grew up with.  Being dyslexic, Justin learned to read by studying llama magazines. He also ran a double-points show, the second in the country, at the Salem Fairgrounds in 1996. The following year he started breeding llama, having acquired his own herd at the age of 16. Then, in 2000, Justin became the ALSA Youth National Performance Champion (Alpaca & Llama Show Association). Throughout high school, having tried his hand at sports, his priority had always remained with his llamas. No other work seemed natural. Soon after taking over the farm, Justin added their pumpkin patch. 

In 2020, the farm’s Farm Safari was born out of Justin’s wish to do something that allowed families to visit the farm at times other than the usual pumpkin patch and Christmas tree season.Families were invited to drive through approximately a ¼ mile-long “safari” to see the animals and toss them treats. Justin then added their Haunted Trail walk-through once COVID restrictions were lifted a bit in the fall. Those both led to the Farm Walk Abouts, which began in 2021, and plenty of games and other family fun were added to go along with meeting the animals, including cornhole, duck races, hay towers, tether ball, and a mining sluice. On average, a single weekend can see 400-500 visitors. 

Now, sitting on 40 acres- 5 of which are open to the public-Frog Pond Farm houses approximately 80 animals, including alpaca, bunnies, camels, chickens, cows, donkeys (big and miniature), ducks, emu, geese, goats, guinea pigs, llama, pigs, ponies, rooster, sheep, and tortoise. The animals are housed in 7 barns and are on a constant pasture rotation and go through about 40 tons of hay and 12 tons of grain, along with the pasture grass. 

Whether you’re looking for a lazy Sunday afternoon with our animals, that perfect pumpkin or Christmas Tree, or a private event, Frog Pond Farm invites you to come visit! 


Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, Frog Pond farm is just 10 minutes off of the Wilsonville exit of I-5. 

One of the farm's tortoises
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